Genie Interiors

Suite 14
Cavendish House
Plumpton Road
Herts. EN11 0LB
Telephone: 01707 372501
Fax: 01707 328483

Genie Cater Kitchen

The Genie Cater Kitchen is a towable, versatile unit which gives the flexibility to set up where site access is a problem & space is at a premium. It has been designed with smaller catering facilities in mind, i.e. care homes, small hotels, clubs, pubs etc.

The Genie Cater Kitchen is brought to site, set up and commissioned by one of our engineers. When finished our engineer will decommission and remove from site. Genie operate nationwide and are based in Hertfordshire which gives us good links to the motorway network.

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Dimensions: L7.0m x W2.35m x H2.82m
Electric: 63amp single phase
Water: 15mm
Gas: Propane
Drain: 40mm push fit

Equipment Legend

No. Qty Description
1 1 Ventilation Canopy
2 1 10 Grid Combination Oven
3 1 Solid Top Range
4 1 Salamander Grill
5 1 Twin Basket Fryer
6 1 Stainless Steel Bench
7 1 Upright Hot Cupboard
8 1 Upright Refrigerator
9 1 Upright Freezer
10 1 Lockable Racking
11 1 Flying Insect Exterminator
12 1 Stainless Steel Bench with Inset WHB, Sink Bowl & Anti-Drip Edging
13 1 Undercounter Dishwash Machine
14 1 Stainless Steel Bench with Inset Bowl & Anti-Drip Edging
15 1 Stainless Steel Bench
16 1 Stainless Steel Bench
17 1 Stainless Steel Bench
18 1 Drop Down Flap